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The Best Ways To Improve Your Ram Cummins Truck

Cummins Ram Trucks have always been the biggest, toughest trucks on the road. That is why we also offer some of the best ways to keep your Cummins Diesel running at peak performance. Learn how to check your oil and the pressure being delivered from the pump, stay on top of scheduled maintenance, and what to do when you’re overdue for a tune-up, which oftentimes increases your truck’s horsepower. You’ll also find some great DIY projects that will help keep your 6.7l Cummins engine diesel truck in tip-top shape for years to come!

Improve Ram Cummins Truck Repair - Titan Diesel Sports

How to improve your fuel mileage

Since it was first introduced in 1989, The 6.7l Cummins Ram 2500 straight-six engines have been known for their superb fuel economy and turbo-diesel power. These attributes help make the Ram 1500 the most efficient when it comes to diesel performance in the market today. But for many drivers this may not be enough, so here are some simple steps you can take to improve your diesel truck’s overall performance and economy.

The first step is to avoid hard starts. The more times you stop and start your Cummins a day, the more gas it will use over time. Ideally, you should be trying to start your vehicle only once every 30 to 45 seconds.

The second step is to avoid idling. The more time you spend idling, the more gas your vehicle needs over time. Most vehicles today have a computer that can monitor and control the idle pace of your engine, but if these features are not working properly or are not installed, use a two-gallon gasoline jug with a screw-on top and fill it with gas three times per week before starting your truck.

Three times per week at this rate provides an additional 10 gallons of fuel savings over the course of six weeks while also reducing air pollution caused by idling engines.

How to improve the towing power of your 6.7l Cummins

The stock Ram 1500 is more popular than ever, but many drivers opt for the optional Hemi V8 engine to tow their trailers. For most drivers, a pickup truck with a six-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive has the best towing power for trailers. However, if you do choose to pull it along with a turbo engine, you should consider adding an automatic eight-, nine- or 10-speed transmission and locking differentials (on trucks equipped with four-wheel drive) or using the Ram’s stock lockable front differential (on trucks equipped with two-wheel drive).

Add extra cooling to your Dodge Ram cab

The Cummins 1500 offers cooling upgrades called the “Quad Cab.” This factory special cab is equipped with air conditioning, a power driver’s seat and a rearview camera that displays what is behind the vehicle, including the trailer, on your dashboard. But this summer driving season, many drivers are discovering the drawbacks of this feature.

One of these drawbacks is that it creates too much airflow for some people to comfortably enjoy the air conditioning. Merely adding ducts to direct more airflow into the cabin does not provide sufficient cooling for most drivers to feel comfortable while stopped at a red light or stop sign.

Improve Your Ram Cummins Truck in Weatherford, Texas

Your Cummins can handle more than people think. If you want to install turbo boost support, add modifications and upgrade your 5.9l or 6.7l model without worrying about spending too much money, reach out to our experts at Titan Diesel Sports today. We’re the premier solution for your Ram’s maintenance needs.