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Dodge Ram ECM problems

Can A Bad Sensor on Dodge Ram Cummins Cause ECM Problems

On a truck, the ECM controls most of the engine operation. A faulty diode can cause a variety of different problems. One of those is an engine’s crankshaft position sensor not functioning correctly if it gets too hot or too cold due to its positioning in the vehicle. However, there are other sensors that must be taken into account when diagnosing a Dodge Cummins ECM problem, such as the camshaft and crank angle diodes.

What Is The Engine Control Module?

The ECM is a computer located under the dashboard of your truck. It’s essential for controlling and monitoring many aspects of your truck’s engine like your engine timing. These include lights and electrical systems, as well as fuel and ignition management.

Basically, it’s what flares up your check engine light among other common signs and other symptoms.

The ECM takes information and a reference signal from essential functions like your gas mileage, battery, pump, throttle, and batteries.

ECM problems

What Is The Powertrain Control Module?

The PCM is part of the ECM. It’s also comprised of some parts that are not on the ECM. Specifically, it takes in information from the speed detectors, transmission detector and alternator analyzers.

These parts monitor and controls the powertrain, which means it is responsible for things such as the transmission and the alternator.

Both of these modules work together in order to make sure your truck’s systems like your wiring harness run smoothly. If one of them fails, you will see a check engine light in most cases.

Can A Bad ECM Trigger A Faulty Check Engine Light?

A faulty ECM can cause your truck to have a check engine light. This is inevitable due to the sheer number of parts that are involved in all of this.

However, it’s not uncommon for your truck to still run on the same engine despite having faulty check engine modules. However, there are some signs that would lead you to believe something is wrong, such as problems with your check engine alert not turning off.

If you see any signs of trouble before replacing the engine control modules like a check engine alert that never turns off, then you should call a professional mechanic right away.

Can A Bad Diode On The Dodge Cummins Cause ECM Problems?

While there are detectors on your Dodge Cummins that communicate with the ECM, these analyzers themselves are not fuel injectors, oxygen detectors or spark plugs. These are all part of your engine’s computer systems though.

The most common sensor is the cam position sensor. This is responsible for relaying information to the ECU so it can adjust how fast your engine runs.

Other detectors include the crank angle sensor and fuel pressure sensor. Both of these help with monitoring how fast your truck’s motor runs. Both of these send signals to the ECM plug.

You may notice problems with your truck’s system if you see any of these analyzers failing or experiencing any other problems. This could include issues that are related to its spark plugs, acceleration, wire, fuel injectors or pump, oxygen detectors, or poor fuel economy.

If one of the wires, sensors, or even the valve cover is bad on your Ram Cummins vehicle, then you should call a professional mechanic immediately for help or get a new ECM installed. ECM failure can even cause your trouble codes and code input to get mixed up when you try to diagnose your connector signals.

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