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Best Diesel Pickup Trucks

The Top 10 Best Diesel Pickup Trucks

Diesel engines are the common choice for commercial trucks. Unlike the traditional combustion engines, this engine relies mainly on high compression ratios for fuel ignition. This results in improved fuel efficiency, increased torque, and lower RPM rates making it ideally suitable for heavy-duty trailering works.

Ford F250

Best Diesel Trucks that You Can Buy

For a good reason, new or used diesel truck owners are passionate about their brands. The different models highlight the best diesel engines whether the main priority is reliability, capability, efficiency, price, or nostalgia. Here are the top 10 heavy-duty pickups that could be perfect for you!

  1. GMC Sierra HD

The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is built for hauling big loads with ease, comfort, and better fuel economy.


  • Turbocharged diesel engine with 910 lb-ft of torque
  • 5-seater vehicle with 5 trim levels
  • Trailer sway control for straight and narrow camper
  1. Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevy Silverado HD is a vehicle combined with undeniable style and user-friendly trailering technology, for a more comfortable ride.


  • Smooth and powerful engine
  • Plenty of towing power with IFS suspension
  • Different trim levels such as mega cab options
  1. Duramax LBZ

This reliable powertrain in the truck market is a combination of a Duramax engine and highly-tunable features to ensure good ride quality during long road trips.


  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Delivers 360hp or 650 lb.-ft of torque
  • Independent front suspension
  1. Ford F 250

This model sits in the middle of the Ford Super Duty lineup as it is properly equipped with luxurious cabin

space and impressive strength.


  • A diesel power of 6.2L V8 and four-wheel drive
  • Topnotch towing capacity of 35, 750
  • Quiet steel cabinNew Ford F250
  1. Dodge Ram 2500 HD

The Ram Heavy Duty pickup (Ram HD) has always been considered as the workhorse due to its spacious interior and extensive hauling capacity.


  • Cummins 5.9L six-cylinder engine
  • Comes with an exhaust brake for control when pulling heavy equipment
  • With heated front seats and heated steering wheel
  1. Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a combination of impressive torque and hauling power stroke to help minimize problems and stops during long hauls.


  • Powerful capacity when towing heavy equipment
  • Adjustable power pedals with memory
  • Multilink coil-spring rear suspension
  1. GMC Canyon

This Elevation Crew offers easy maneuverability, unimpaired emission devices, and a classic body style for a well-mannered ride and good tow rating.


    • 5-passenger crew cab
    • Three engine options and
      rear-wheel drive

Optimum diesel drivetrain performance


GMC Canyon

  1. Dodge Cummins

This pickup truck, though not an antique just yet, comes with a vintage look paired with a virtually indestructible engine.


  • 6-cylinder diesel engine
  • Intercooler and overdrive transmission
  • Push to 300hp with a few upgrades
  1. Nissan Titan XD

A full-size vehicle offering smooth on-road manners and aggressive pulling capacity due to its turbocharged engine that’s available on all trims.


  • Strong towing capacity and payload capacity
  • Customizable footbed or crew cab
  • Dampened assist tailgate
  1. Jeep Gladiator

A midsize truck that brings everything a consumer will love, from simple road trips to extreme off-road activities.


  • 5-seater with 10 trim levels
  • Excellent infotainment systems
  • Unparalleled off-pavement abilities

The Experts in Ram Diesel Trucks

Whether it’s a new truck or a used truck, the performance and safety features should always be the top priority. We, at Titan Diesel Sports, always ensure a safe and smooth ride when it comes to your Dodge Ram Cummins.

Our repair and maintenance services can bring out the best performance of these diesel-powered trucks. Moreover, we are capable of adding more modern features to different models of heavy-duty trucks, using only high-quality materials and aftermarket parts. Contact our local shop in Weatherford, TX for more information.